Captain Matt here with a new pattern to show you for your Gemstone Lights system and this time it’s for Saint Patricks Day!

Last month we did an awesome cotton candy pattern, have you used that at all yet?

Gemstone Lights Hub already has a bunch of great Saint Patricks Day patterns pre-built you can download from the downloads folder, but I like more of an architectural pattern most days myself.

Without further delay, I present to you the Green Ice Pattern!

Clicking the button above will take you to the video walk-through on how to set up this color scheme tonight! It’s super simple.

As always thank you for supporting our small family business! We appreciate your support and referrals.

Talk soon,
Captain Matt and Maverick Mike

“hey guys got the matt here with uh gemstones february um pattern and with st patrick’s day coming up i figured i’d quick show you how to do one of what i like so open up the gemstones hub go into your controller now yes gemstones already has a lot of pre-made st patrick’s day ones which are really cool i like mine just a little bit more um architectural maybe on st patrick’s day itself you know i’ll do the the blasting of color everywhere um so i’m gonna go into matt’s customs you can make your own folders no problem and so what i’m gonna do is click create a pattern i’m gonna call this one green ice this is basically architectural lighting but but then using it uh just changing the color uh you can do this couple different ways so i’m gonna name it green ice i’m keeping it static i’m gonna do where it says pattern colors i’m gonna change that one um

to green i just i’m going to use the green that’s locked on there i’m going to hit the plus twice and i will show you on the screen a picture of that so that’s basically one on two off then we could do one on three off or one on four off and but my favorite one for these is actually one on five off so all i’m doing is i’m hitting the plus sign and then i’m clicking on the the little bubble and i’m to see where it says brightness here i’m just dragging all the way to zero and i’m doing that to make those bulbs basically black so they’re blacked out so i have one green on and then five lights off you can do as many as you want you can do up to nine off if you really want to or you can even get into choosing specific lights but for me i like the one green on five off and then i’m just labeling green ice i’m going to actually do this too because i already have one saved and i’m going to click save and that’s it and now it’s down here at the bottom of my mats custom folder and if i want it on just click there it’s that simple and that is green ice for st patrick’s day on the february gemstones pattern talk to you guys later”