What is moonlighting? What does it do?

Captain Matt here, I want to tell you what moonlighting is. So a lot of times on proposals or during demos, or when we’re just meeting up and discussing things I’ll mention moonlights and one of my jobs as a lighting designer is to make sure that you become a lighting critic, and that you understand the different aspects to a lighting project, it’s more than just putting a light on a tree and calling it a day. So one of the things I absolutely love is called moonlighting, moonlighting is when you have, typically a tree, but in a tree you have lights that are actually shining down. Those lights are shining on the branches, and during the spring, summer, and fall shines on the leaves and the vegetation, it creates really cool shadows it gives you a nice ambiance when you walk near or underneath that tree, and it’s just not as bright though [as other lights], there’s a difference between down lights and moonlights. Down lights are going to be brighter and they’re more for actual usage, so say you had a really dark spot in your yard where you wanted to play horseshoes at night, well then we would use down lighting not moonlighting. Moonlighting is when you’re setting the mood, it’s not super bright it’s all about the shadows it creates and it’s just really killer looking. So that is what moonlighting is, you’ll probably hear me talk to you about one of your trees, at least one of them, with moonlighting because it’s a great way to make a centerpiece item on your yard, whether it’s back or front or both and or you can even sprinkle it into a few of them, but it’s definitely on that centerpiece tree where you have the up lighting you have the moon lighting, it looks amazing. Anyways that’s what moonlighting is, I’ll talk to you guys later.