Hey guys Captain Matt here with another video about the importance of lighting.

When it comes to your landscape lighting we often call it an illumination portrait of your property, because it is so much more than just putting a light, that doesn’t make sense right? Every light should have a purpose, because the importance of lighting is it can take a backyard that feels scary, that no one wants to be in and make it come to life, like a backyard resort that everybody wants to be in. It’s the difference of when you, or your wife or your husband, gets home and you run into the house because it’s too dark out and there are no lights up there, you have a motion light that’s above the front door maybe that doesn’t come on until you get close enough, so it’s literally scary. That’s the importance of lighting with proper illumination, you can walk from point A to point B without fear of getting mugged, and most of this is an irrational fear, right? These things don’t typically happen, but ever since we were children, we know, you’re scared of the dark. Now, you might not be, you know, over top but I guarantee you; if I took you into some of the places that I’ve lit, before they were lit, you’d be on edge. You’d be thinking “what are we doing here? what’s going to happen to me?”. So, safety is a big thing, right? Some of these people that we’ve done lighting for you can’t even see the steps! When it’s dark and they’re tripping, or they have a beautiful backyard that they can’t see once the sun goes down, or they have these big honking spotlights that just blind you in glare and then you end up turning them off. If you actually want to spend any time out there – the importance of lighting is it’s going to change the atmosphere, it’s going to change the mood, it’s going to it literally changes your life. It changes how you use your property, changes how you use your front yard, your backyard, and your side yard. I know one time we’ve done horseshoe pit lighting and all of a sudden that person has been playing so much more horseshoes because at a party you know chances are it just got harder for them to find. You know, you got to go into the garage or the shed and find these big lights to light up the thing, versus just a little light switch on a tree that illuminates both horseshoe pits and lets them play. So it allows you to have nighttime activities and actually enjoy the space that you’ve worked so damn hard for, and that’s my spiel on the importance of lighting in this video. Thanks for watching, I’m Captain Matt, I’ll talk to you later.