How we keep things organized for Gemstone jobs.

Hey, Captain Matt here. Just wanted to show you the the Gemstone section of our shop here, some other installers were asking us how we keep things organized and everything. So we’ve used a lot of these blue bins, these are the screws, these are some smaller loom cuts, more screws, power cords, hub controllers, white and black split loom, all the different jumper cables that we need, these ones aren’t labeled but they’re more jumper cables, lights, more lights or wire, or some what we call floodies. So just basically labeling everything, and then as we do the job, I’m going to turn this way, this job’s going out the next work day, got the rigid cases all filled up with all the all the items and the jumpers, and the tools that guys are going to need on the site. Here’s the tracks they’re getting installed, we got the copper pipe for potentially hiding wires on some of the brick, there because the copper looks really good against the brick and hides it well, and there’s the two things of wire for powering up. That is how we store and prep for the Gemstone jobs.