Talking about my daily videos and why I do them.

I was invited on the Lighting for Profits podcast by my coach Ryan Lee. It was great going on his podcast, this is a snippet of me talking about my daily videos in 2022.


with the the video aspect that was twofold we made videos back when I first started I mean I’ve got Walmart Christmas lights on that table on my my first videos talking about how amazing you know how awesome the Walmart lights are right now these are professional grade we open them a different way you know um what I realized for making those is almost every single client mentioned them I’m like really like talk for five minutes about if we took credit cards or not and um so I really learned that the right clients you know I don’t need a lot of views but the right views those clients are watching and they feel like they know you built you’re building a relationship with them before you even meet them which has been awesome and also a little strange because like people will know about my injury that happened this year and I’m like do okay they watch my videos because I’m like I just met them but um it really builds the relationship aspect and I get more people messaging me on Facebook and Instagram really asked me for advice just because I’m always out there I’m always you know some of my videos I did one like in a Taco Bell parking lot there day uh waiting in line right but um doing that really opens up your audience it helps also they know who you are right it’s not manufactured or anything so you get the right if they don’t like me that’s okay they’re not going to call me so the people that are watching my videos they must like me if they keep watching them right so um I made a promise to do a video a day for an entire year to see what would happen and at that started this year January 1st and I’ve missed I’ve missed a handful of days but my it’s been amazing it really has it’s it’s insane so it was a couple weeks ago maybe a month ago time’s a little shaky but showed up to this guy’s house and he didn’t know I was coming I was helping uh train on Christmas estimate and he came out of the house and he yelled into his wife Captain Pat’s here Captain Matt’s here yes from that moment in time I was like well this is going to be money just it’s done I don’t even need to do anything um so and then it’s amazing how quick they open up to you too so you get to build real relationships I tell all my clients I’m not looking to sell you a lighting job I’m looking to build a relationship because one job doesn’t mean anything to me right I mean my cover payroll but it doesn’t build any Legacy it doesn’t build a business it’s just one job and I want to just be one job one job one job when you think about lighting I want you to think about Captain Matt so that’s cool you know