Captain Matt:

Captain Matt Martoccio known as The Captain or Captain Matt has always loved lighting and the way it changes the world around him. Even as a child he would decorate for his neighbors. 

He became known as Captain Matt for a few reasons including being the Captain of our company, holding his teams to extremely high standards, never settling for subpar effort or work, still working after everyone else has gone home, and his ability to see the big picture and provide a way to get to their destination. The fact that his wardrobe basically consists of Tommy Bahama shirts and he lives most of the warm weather months barefoot may have also played a role in this name. 

Captain Matt in orange tommy bahama shirt getting better angles of lighting by climbing
Captain Matt lead landscape lighting designer wearing a tommy bahama shirt
Captain Matt with his brother and father riding wave runners

Captain Matt started his lighting as a business over a decade ago in 2009. Initially offering Christmas decorating, which then lead to other holiday decorating, event decorating, and wedding decorating. In 2020 he along with his crew started offering total transformations of outdoor spaces including backyard oasis, patio lighting, and permanent soffit lighting. During this time he was asked multiple times if he did landscape lighting and uplighting. 

Captain Matt didn’t feel right offering landscape lighting when asked simply because he didn’t study it, know enough about it, and wasn’t confident that his crew would be the best choice for their clientele. However; The Captain knew he not only wanted to be in the space but needed to be. He dove into a deep dive of studying everything he could about landscape lighting, reading books, watching videos, reading articles, testing in the shop, and taking online training. The online certifications were a joke and he knew he needed more.

Captain Matt reached out to “The Wizard” aka “The Master of Illumination” who not only is well known for his visual portraits of people’s homes, resorts, and hotels but also was a pioneer in the low voltage landscape lighting industry. With 41 patents in the field every low voltage lighting job you see he was involved in simply from his inventions being used across the industry. The Captain and The Wizard hit it off over the phone and Captain Matt was invited to go to California if he was truly ready to learn the art of illumination, so The Captain hopped on a plane and flew across the country to learn and study.

The Wizard offered to be a mentor to Captain Matt as an illumination artist and not simply a landscape lighting contractor. Captain Matt was by his side from sun up to sun down doing everything alongside him, learning not simply landscape lighting but the science of lighting, illumination portraits, low voltage power, landscape design, lighting design, and so much more.

The Captain returned to the East Coast now fully confident and aware his crew could offer the very best landscape lighting in design, fixtures, installation, and service than any other company in the North East to their clientele, and Barefoot Lighting was born.

Barefoot Landscape Lighting is a business owned by Elfperts Inc. Elfperts Inc hosts a family of decorating and lighting companies including Barefoot Lighting, The Christmas Guys (Holiday Decorating), Light Your World (Wedding and event decorating), ChristmasMotif.com (custom made motifs, and more), and a partner in VisiDream LLC (our oversized commercial decorations supply company.)

Captain Matt serves as the president of Elfperts Inc.