Captain Matt here, I want to talk to you about destination lighting.

Captain Matt here with Barefoot Lighting, I want to talk to you about destination lighting. Now, destination lighting is not when I go to a resort in Hawaii and do their lighting, destination lighting is the the thought process of when you’re planning out a lighting project, what is the destination? So the easiest way to visualize this is when you have a pathway, that pathway typically leads somewhere, say to your front door, right? So you have your starting point and then destination lighting, the lighting walks the person through so if they’ve never been there they know “I should follow the lights this is going to take me somewhere”, or in your backyard if you have a patio the lighting should lead you to the destination or your patio, and maybe you have a bistro table down there. You should have something that leads you to that destination rather than just randomly having lights all over the place, lighting should create a flow to your property, and that’s destination lighting.