How we keep our power drivers clean.

Hey guys Captain Matt here, I wanted to show you guys one of our direct burial power supplies, or power drivers. Now this is a way we can be super clean, so this is a power drive, so normally you’ll see the wooden stakes. I have one up there from when we bought the house this was already done, wooden stakes, those big silver boxes that’s your power driver. Well these, this one’s just run right now for testing lights, you dig a hole it goes right in the ground, like this, and then this plug here plugs into the outlet, you conduit from the ground up to the outlet. It looks super bitchin’, looks great so super clean. We do have the wall mount ones too, they’re not silver, sometimes those are needed just because of the ground or whatever. We also have the rock supply ones as well, so we even consider the power driver so that the design doesn’t get ruined by a big metal box randomly in your yard. Here’s how we do the wire connections, you see that gets all that goop in there that’s where the wires go in and they get connected, so no water can get to them or anything like that. Alright, talk to you later.