Captain Matt’s proposal process.

Question Captain Matt, how do you do a proposal and design? Does my budget have a factor? No, your budget doesn’t have a factor in my design, simply because when I’m designing something as a lighting designer I’m designing to its full potential what it could be, understanding that that’s not always in the budget that very time, but I need to design its full potential. I mean I think you want my full potential, rather than just lackluster,  right? So the designs are always made to full potential, keep in mind though talk to us. If you tell us your budget we’ll still give you the full potential, but if we need to scale it back there are some things sometimes that we can do that’ll still look amazing, and you’ll just have to do another phase, maybe next year, the year after that to bring that landscaping to its full potential. That is my proposal process in terms of design and budget.