Planning for Ed and Renees Living Lighting Portrait:

Captain Matt here! Below you will find some video walk throughs of pictures of your home to show you what I am thinking on everything and my general plans and what I am planning on lighting and not lighting. After Over 25 hours of planning to give you a set number and price on the entire property I realized it’s just going to be a disservice to you as to not delay the project. So cutting out the original idea of doing both tree lines all the way down, these would look great but lets use the budget for your main entertainment areas and being able to navigate your property no matter what time of day or night and the curb appeal as you arrive home at night.

As you saw at the demo and as you will see in these videos what may sound like a lot of lights doesn’t equate to a stadium look or Disney World look, it just takes a certain amount of lights on each elements to allow them to come to life. And each section just adds to the total of what is needed.


ON ANY OF THE VIDEOS feel free to play it at higher speed if you want to hear me go through everything faster.

entry way of a home lit with landscape lighting

General Overview and Update (Including Rodney at Grasshopper Gardens)

Rear of Home

Garage Side of Home

Way Back Behind the Garages

Front of Home

Overview of all Sections