Captain Matt here with another thing that happens from time to time.

Every Light Has a Reason to be There! | Captain Matt | Landscape Lighting

I give you a lighting proposal, you do either a demo or just a light proposal, and people want to they call “I want to remove this light” and I don’t get it. There’s a reason that light is there, it’s just like when you get a painting, right? You can’t say “I love this painting, but that one stroke I’ll take out”, it’s just not how it’s done. Now, we can modify some of the phases, sometimes we’ll break them into phases, so sometimes we can take from one phase and scooch it into another if you’re not ready to do the full second phase yet, but to just randomly remove and add lights where they don’t belong is not what we do. We put a lot of thought and time into studying this kind of thing so when you’re ready for the lighting that you deserve give me a call. I’m Captain Matt, I’ll talk to you soon.