I’m helping my competition get started in my niche?

Just got done meeting with the guys at Black Diamond Landscaping, a couple great guys based out of East Greenbush who also have awesome patio packages and things like that. It’s great we have similar mindsets where everyone doesn’t have to be competition with each other, it’s okay to learn from each other, we’re in different expertise, they’re further along on other things I’m further along on these things. They do landscape lighting when their clients ask them and then they’re even looking to get into Christmas Lighting. So why would Captain Matt, Christmas Guys and Barefoot Lighting, meet with his competition? Why is anybody who’s ever done holiday lighting this area? I try to reach out because it’s okay that other people are good at things, it’s not like just because someone else is successful doesn’t mean that I’m not successful and vice versa. There can be success stories across different companies doing different things, or in the same industry, both can be successful. You can actually work alongside each other, there’s going to be times I’m sure that I’m going to be able to help them out with things that they don’t know, and definitely vice versa. Maybe there’s a staff thing where they need help, or they don’t have lights for something, or I need to core drill something, I need assistance on in terms of “Hey man, I’m going to drill into this, what’s going to happen if i do it?” My point is, is it’s a big big old world out there, even in small communities. We talk about relationships a lot, well relationships are more than just with clients, you can have relationships with what many people see as your competition. There’s plenty of work for everybody, and it’s okay to have more than one amazing company now call can see or whatever, I know I’m the best lighting designer in the area, that doesn’t mean there’s not guys who can do amazing work as well, it’s just straight up true. So anyways, I encourage you to get out there and meet others even if you think you’re their competition.