How to process your rage.

Captain Matt here, going to talk a little bit more about Wake Up Warrior, this time about a mega stack. Mega stack is also called a rage stack, it’s a stack like a journal entry that you use when you’re just red hot, you can’t see, you want to punch your fist through walls, you don’t want to see anybody, you don’t want to talk to anybody, you’re just pissed. I have used this so effectively because when you start you can only see red and these take a little bit of time maybe 45 minutes to an hour, but when you’re finished you’re like “damn i can’t believe I started this thing so damn angry”, because now it makes you walk the block. So maybe I’m upset at my wife, or my son, or my dogs, or my employees, well you walk the block, what are you doing that’s pissing them off, look at it from all different angles. So four different angles which makes you think of things you would never think of normally, and that is a mega stack, and it will change how you process your rage.