Captain Matt talks about why our landscape lighting is expensive.

Hey it’s Captain Matt here with barefoot lighting Elfperts Inc. I just want to talk to you about something that we have heard definitely throughout the years, and we still hear it is you’re too expensive. I guess the question would be then is that we have to agree on what expensive is, because hiring us to give you this experience and transform your backyard or your front yard or side yard is an investment into your home. It is considered a capital improvement project and it does increase your property value. So, yes if your sole deciding factor is going to be on price we should not talk to each other because we’re just gonna be wasting each other’s time. So, like if you have three people there, and there’s the lowest bid gets it, or the medium is bid gets it, and that’s the only deciding factor we’re not the right lighting professional for you, and that’s okay. There’s others out there. I’ve talked to so many clients and done lighting projects for people that paid you know five to ten thousand dollars for their their landscape lighting two and three years ago, and they don’t even remember the person’s name they’ve never done any maintenance or even offered maintenance to them. So, yes you know we might be more initially than the guy that’s coming over doing it on the side, or doing it as part of offering a bunch of different things rather than lighting. You have to look at the at the lifetime value of that because you know our lights are going to last, and you do a maintenance plan with us annual maintenance you know 10, 15 years down the road is the little bit extra more that you spent to hire the best going to be worth it? Because I’m replacing systems that literally are five six thousand dollars less than mine, two and three years after they’re implemented. So then they’re spending another 15 to 20 (thousand) with me and they already spent the other 10 with the other guy. All of a sudden the system that would have cost them 15 to 20 (thousand) to begin with it’s costing them 35 or 40 (thousand) because they tried to go with the cheaper guy, and you know and I’m not even saying don’t talk to a bunch of different contractors, it’s a smart thing to do, right? Well, if you want the best lighting professionals they are going to cost more than the guy who does it as a side hustle Johnny. If price is the sole deciding factor for you, you need to expect that you’re going to be replacing that lighting system much sooner than you want to, so just keep that in mind. Also, if you go to Home Depot, and if you try and compare our prices to Home Depot or go Google search those are different types of lighting and it’s not the same, right? In terms of our lights work better, they’re enclose, they’re different beam angles and wattages, and things like that because it’s all we do is lighting. You can’t really compare our cost versus like a pre-packaged thing that you’re going to buy online and do yourself, it’s totally different there’s no warranty on that, well there’s warranty on the product but not in the labor portion. Anyways, when people say I am too expensive I guess the real question is what does that mean to you, are you only looking at it for this one single installation? Are you actually looking at it for years of enjoyment of your property? I’m Captain Matt with Barefoot Lighting, I’ll talk to you soon.