Why we don’t list the amount of fixtures you’re getting on your proposal.

“How many lights am I getting?” Captain Matt here with you, we just dealt with this the other day, and so I wanted to make a little video on it. When we do our proposal that’s based on a phase, let’s call it the structure of the home, the front landscaping, the backyard, the birch tree area, whatever the case may be, it’s by areas which we call phases. Now we don’t list out a specific number of lights, and the reason we do this is is twofold; one I look at it and I decide how many I think I’m going to need knowing that I always end up adding a few more at least than I think. If I give you, let’s just say for an example, if I tell you it’s going to be 20 lights and I give you a price, what happens then if I have to use 21, 22, or 23, or even 30 lights do I come back and have to do it work order? and change order with you? and then all of a sudden the project you thought was going to cost $10,000 costs $15,000, or whatever the case may be, or maybe in one section where i was planning on using 15 lights I only need 13, so instead of using those two lights in that section I use them in a different section that was going to get 10 and now it’s getting 12 or 13. It pigeonholes me into to having to use a certain set amount of fixtures rather than illumining the area properly to make a gorgeous portrait, because while it’s your home it’s also my work. So I need you to have the best possible experience and illumination portrait you can get, because one, it benefits you, and two then I can be proud of my work, when people drive by they can tell that Barefoot Lighting and Captain Matt designed that project. So anyways, that’s a little bit about why we don’t actually list the amount of fixtures because it just doesn’t work. I’ll talk to you soon.