How many lights does it take to do landscape lighting? It depends.

Captain Matt here with Barefoot Lighting. Just want to talk to you about a question people ask us all the time “how many lights is it going to take?”, the answer is always; it depends. I guarantee it’s going to be more than you think, and that’s the great thing about seeing a demo in person, or going by some of the example photos of our portfolio work. If we told you it’s going to be 50 lights you’re going to think “I don’t want to be a stadium, I don’t want to beat Disneyland”, because 50 light sounds like a lot, but then 150 lights spread out on your property, in your backyard, or in a certain destination on your property spread out and placed in a very specific way and having a reason that they are there all, of a sudden it doesn’t look like 50 lights. So, what I can tell you is that you should not focus on the amount of lights needed, but on the experience that those lights provide you.