How Much Does Gemstone Lighting Cost?

I hope you had a chance to watch the video I sent yesterday. If not, please go back and watch it.

It’s almost time for us to officially meet in person! We are excited to meet with you. For my final video, I wanted to help you get an understanding of the ever so important question…How much does smart color-changing soffit lighting cost?

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Video #3 Overview

Topic – How much does color-changing soffit lighting cost?


  1. Design options
  2. How to make a choice
  3. How much does outdoor soffit lighting cost?


Lower on the page is the video transcript if you don’t want to get stuck into a Youtube black hole 🤣 … or if you prefer to read instead of watch.

house with gemstone lights

Video Transcript:

Hey it’s Captain Matt with Barefoot Lighting one last time. 

In today’s video, I get to the ever-so-important question of…What’s this gonna cost me?

Well, in order to answer that we are going to need to know a few things, mainly the measurements of your home, type of siding, type of soffit, and what areas you would like the Gemstone Lights. 

Once we have an understanding of that, we will be able to discuss a few design options that really give you what you want.

We will give you some pricing options that will allow you to choose what is best for you. We offer different option levels based on your goals and budget.

Your biggest decision will be between doing the front of your home, the back of your home, or the entire home.

I like to help my clients make the best choice by breaking it down like this. The front of the home is for your neighbors and the back of your home is for your family.

Now that obviously is a very simplistic approach but generally, it helps make the choice between front or back. Now if you typically hang Christmas lights or other holiday decorations and you are sick and tired of having you or your spouse untangle lights, climb a ladder, and then have to remove them in the cold month of January, well then the front is also for you in this case. And obviously, the front of the home helps improve curb appeal and make your home a more welcoming feeling as you pull into your driveway at night too.


The backyard is for pool parties, bbq’s, evening cocktails, wine, a good book, and entertaining in general.


The sides of your home finish the entire look, and also for many with the garage entry on the side of the home that side almost becomes an extension of the front of the home and I recommend considering your garage side with your front or back depending on what’s more important to you, to begin with. And you can always add on. I’ve had many people start with the front and a few months later call us back for the back.


When I ask what people’s budget is I almost always hear the same thing…Not sure…we need help in figuring that out.


So in order to help give you an idea on what your lighting will cost I’ll share some basics with you.


My average client, our soffit lighting clients spend about $4,500 for the front or back of their home. Some are more, some are less, but that is the average. 


Now because all of our designs are custom and put together with you at your home, it is impossible to tell you exactly what your lighting system will cost until we meet with you. 


The main factors that dictate the ultimate price of our soffit lighting projects are the length of your roof, the type of your siding, the type of soffits, and how many controllers you want.


But as promised, when we show up to the design appointment we will be able to calculate all of those items and give you your different pricing options to choose from that day typically, or within 24 hours.


Because we only use LED pixel lights you can expect your lights to last longer than ever before. So if you’re looking for the ultimate lighting solution that will add to not only the beauty of your property but the safety and security as well, all while increasing your property value then you’re in the right place!


We look forward to meeting you in person!

A crew installing track lighting on a house
soffit lighting over an outdoor shower
A crew installing soffit lighting on a business