Showing you guys how we measure rooflines from the office.

We measure rooflines from the office for the Christmas season and the most helpful tool to do that is Google Earth. This obviously has its challenges though, Google Earth isn’t up to date, so newer houses we can’t measure, and sometimes the roofline is obscured by trees or something, but if I zoom in from the satellite view I can usually tell where their roofline starts and ends and if they have any dormers. I also use the measuring tool on Google Earth to tell me the exact measurements and then I record them. I hope this video helps!


hey guys Captain Matt here with the Christmas guys and Barefoot lighting uh I know there’s a lot of questions that get asked about how do you measure roof lines and all that stuff without leaving the office so I wanted to make a quick video show you how I do it um I chose I went to Zillow chose a random Texas address because it’s always Texas guys that ask these questions anyway and why bring them up on a realtor list is because then I can see the front of the house or I would just Google the address right and make sure it has a street view and the reason I’m doing that is because sometimes on satellite when they have like Peaks above their their entryway or in like that it’s not obvious or they have a dormer um you can’t always see that obviously on Google Earth uh but if you can see the front of the house that we can hear then you can pull it out like this one right here this has this bump out here that is actually probably what 10 feet here for for lights um this is a small one so we’ll just measure like we’re gonna do the fronts of these two roof lines and all you do is go to earth.google dot com and then you put the address in I already have it in but I’m going to search it uh to let you see sometimes Google Earth can take a minute to load up I’ll just give it a second doubt it will load all right when it’s all loaded up it’s going to bring you back to the last address that you were on Um if you didn’t clear your cache so as you can see here this is the oh come on Search so I’m going to search it to show you what comes up so you say you’re searching it you you copy and paste the client’s address it brings you to this right it does this crazy spinning thing which I cannot stand I like to remember where the house is hit the measuring stick and then it goes to this view which I like to operate off of it’s this house right here we can see some trees are blocking it but if you’re doing like one of these houses where trees aren’t so I’m just going to zoom in you know really hard core so that I can see past that tree and I already have that zoomed in right here because it’s taking a minute while I’m recording video and then so we’re on the measuring stick right and I don’t care that I can’t see the end of this house because obviously the end of the house is right here so then you just left click boom to right here you know right there’s 12 feet boom write that down I click done um and then you know Grand Pretend We’re gonna do this whole thing right so you know come back to here measure it here that’s 36 feet and then up to this chimney is another you know nine feet there so I would actually add an additional additional three foot to this because that’s a that’s a peak that’s an angle it’s not just flying Strat or lying flat uh it’s an angle so it’s going to be a little bit more foot it’s not exact science but you’re going to get close you’re not going to lose um so you know right there’s another 45 feet I’d say 50 feet bump it up because of the angles and then um there you have it there and then if you want to measure the straight run of this little garage over here you just do the same thing right just um I’m gonna click Start new you know that’s another 23 24 feet it’s done um and then you you know no different if you want to do the ridgelines you know you can just go from here to here you know it’s 34 feet same thing you want to do down now what I do is if I’m measuring a peak here again I’m just adding I’m adding half for it to it right so if it starts at 35 it’s going to 55 I’m going to add 10 more feet to that to account for the the slope of the rope and that’s how easy it is to do it to get uh pretty on the mark uh you know you can bump it up a little bit and then you just put in your your factors of if you have difficulty Factor first second floor Factor whatever the case may be you know you’re linear foot price and that’s how you do it right from the office Captain Matt with the Christmas guys I’ll talk to you guys later