Many people tell me they don’t want their homes looking like Disneyland

Captain Matt here with Barefoot Lighting. Many people say “Matt, I don’t want my yard looking like a stadium, I don’t want my yard looking like Disneyland”. That’s usually the first thing they say when I arrive and they see all these cases of lights about to get a demo when I’m about to drop 60 lights on their property to give them a a small glimpse of what I have in my mind for their property. It won’t [look like Disneyland], I know it sounds like a lot but there’s a difference, the lighting I use some lights will throw it higher, some lights will throw it further, some lights are a little bit less output so they’re not as bright. So if you look at a total number of lights you’re going to think it looks like a stadium or Disneyland until you see it in person, or you see some of our pictures on our portfolio, when you realize our lights are placed for a reason and we don’t use a light just to use a light. They all have a purpose so your property will not look like Disneyland it will not look like a stadium, unless that’s what you want it to look like. I’m Captain Matt and I’ll talk to you soon.