A Moment with Captain Matt.

I just wanted to talk to you guys about something one of our clients, Derek DeMeo, posted the other night. He mentioned that I love, live, and breathe lighting. I couldn’t agree with him more! When I work on a project I genuinely go all in on it, it’s often all I can think about while I’m working on it when I’m driving, or eating dinner. I try and incorporate aspects like what areas of your property you use the most, what time of day you get home, or what features you most want to highlight with lighting. When I’m involved I’m bringing whatever project I’m working on up to level 11.


hey guys Captain Matt here just wanted to touch on something um last night but might have seen my boy Derek de Mayo posted a video review of working with me and what that looks like and you know he said this guy just loves lighting just lives and breathes it and that’s true right so and I know that that seems a little nutty but when I when I go and do something I like to go all in on that so I’m focusing on lighting right I love lighting it’s like bringing light into the night I’ve dealt with enough darkness that it’s like my way of being able to control the night and the the the effects it has when I see it for clients and how it changes your world when you can walk outside you can enjoy your space there’s no fear when you walk outside you ride home it’s welcoming it it just changes everything right and I believe that whether you use me or somebody else I just know I’m the best and you know sometimes people text me after a day or two like hey you got that you got that proposal you got that proposal and I get it it’s exciting I totally understand that however when I’m involved on a project right when I’m doing the design when you’re getting the captain Matt original it’s it’s more than just me quickly throwing a bunch of on a piece of paper and saying this is the thing um you know I I have my way of doing it where I do a base of foundation a level a level 10 lighting and then I up it to a level 11 with the things that other people aren’t willing to even attempt to do right because it’s easier just to say no you don’t need your second floor lit you don’t need Moonlighting in your tree now you don’t need Shadow art no you don’t need to expand your whole Space we can just focus in a little front of your house so when I’m doing a design like I live and breathe it like you become my total focus until I’m done with that design I work on one design at a time yes I talk to other clients but like I’m thinking about you when I’m driving I’m thinking about you when I’m eating dinner I’m thinking about you before I go to bed when I wake up like that design takes over because I consider it you know such an honor that you’re allowing me to design something for you and and my reputation is important and knowing what I do and the effects it has on people I want to make sure that I’m always delivering the best design possible that I can so like I I think about our conversations how you use the space ifyou have children and pets you know you have lots of parties you know do you get home late at night typically do you spend a lot of time at the house do you spend more time in  your backyard do you have like a side yard like all this stuff is going through my mind it’s not just simply here’s a package deal now we’re working on package deals and you can deal with my my design team on those right that’s not Captain Man original but when I’m involved I’m not just saying oh this is what you get them done it’s not like that at all so please understand that’s why when I do a design there’s so many phases right because I know how important they are and they can build on each other so anyways just wanted to say I am passionate about lighting and when you when you call me for a design you get me I go all in on your design so hope you guys have a great day