How I lost 60 Pounds – My Morning Routine.

Hey guys it’s Captain Matt here and I want to talk to you a little bit about my morning routines and everything, because a lot of my guys have asked and other people my personal life, and then even when I see people from you last year to this year they mention that I look so different, I’ve lost so much weight, my attitude’s a lot different. So I’m proud to be in the Wake Up Warrior movement started last February, or this February 2021 in the Wake Up Warrior challenge, and I was just ready for a change. I didn’t really know what this was going to be, I had my ideas and my thoughts which were demolished once I started and even hearing Garrett, the coach, talk about “you have to put a lot of work in, it’s gonna be intense, you gotta either go all in or not at al”l and I laugh like, really? This is doing stacks, journaling, and things like that, how hard can this really be? Until I did the work and then I felt like I got my ass kicked just like getting your emotions out. So I’ve told a lot of people about the Wake Up Warrior challenge, my brother did take it which has been great, it’s totally transformed his life as well. Now the other guys I know haven’t done it yet because they’re not there yet. I’m sure it’s not for everybody, it’s a different style, it’s a different approach, it’s a little bit more in your face. To tell him about how it changes, it focuses especially on men, married men with businesses was how it started and then it started attracting other men and even women into the movement there. What I love about it is it made me figure out my emotions, made me figure out when something’s going on in my head, rather than just being “wow” or bottling up so deep inside and not allowing yourself to have emotions. So that’s the biggest thing that changed my life there, and then also my morning routine. So within a year I lost 60 pounds and I didn’t go on any diet or anything like that I did stop eating as much once I tracked my calories and I said “damn, I’m eating like 6,000 calories a day sitting in front of the computer”, so cutting it back to a more normal 2,500 calories and just making sure I move. So I started with just stretching in the mornings and moving trying to get my steps and back then it was like 2,000 steps just just getting movement going. So anyway my morning routine now is, besides waking up brushing my teeth and all that stuff, where I put the work in every single morning, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and holidays. I start with my time with God so I spend some time with God, I pray, I do some meditating, and then I stretch and I exercise sometimes, that exercise is running around my pool, sometimes it’s swimming, sometimes push-ups, sometimes it’s some curls, sometimes it’s just walking, and sometimes it’s just stretching, basically you just try to sweat every morning. From there then after the exercising, meditation is done, I do have a green smoothie, it is their green smoothie “warrior greens” I have that, I then do two gratitude stacks. A gratitude stack is basically expressing gratitude towards somebody without expectation of receiving anything back from them, so when I first started that was really scary, even sending it to my wife, or my brother and my sister, I don’t know why it was scary showing my emotions, opening myself up to them, and now I do. Some of my employees have received it, some people who sell me stuff have received it, it’s so much more natural now, and also I find myself able to do it more verbally, express my appreciation and my gratitude towards people, live in the moment even for little things like a guy holding the door, or the delivery driver coming to my house, I can actually express real appreciation for something like that. So two gratitude stacks sometimes, not full stacks, but showing two people gratitude in the morning, whether that’s in person, on a phone call, via a message, a video, a meme, a gif, or an actual gratitude stack, which is part of the program there. Also from there I do business stuff, so I read or watch a video, it’s basically what I do, I read, or watch, a video, or listen to a podcast and I only read it until I find something new or something that I know that I haven’t really implemented yet into either my business or my daily life that will help with my business or my money game as it’s called. I just read/listen until I get into something new and then I do a discovery stack on that, and then I share it with somebody, typically my operations manager, or business partner, or somebody I know like another business owner. You’re not looking for them to affirm that you’ve sent them something good that they can use, you’re just basically saying “hey I learned this today, I’m going to just try to start implementing it now, I just wanted to share with you to see if you’ve ever tried anything like it”, things like that. It can really lead to some cool conversations and get the ball rolling on some things you’ve never thought about before. So that is my morning right there, it takes me from wake up time until I am done approximately two hour.s I find myself waking up much earlier than I did before so I can get my two hours in before my wife and son wake up, so that then when they wake up I can actually spend time you know saying “good morning” to them without being distracted thinking about all the things I have to do. It refocuses you, even as a business owner, even when you’re doing well you wake up thinking “I’m not able to do this. Why do people follow me? Why do people use me? I’m not good enough”. So when I wake up like that in the morning, which does happen and it happens to everybody, when you’re willing to admit it by the end of my two hours that’s gone, I’m ready to hit the door running, have time with my family and then go focus on my business, and that is how I do my mornings. A little bit about Wake Up Warrior which some of you have asked “how did I lose weight? Why do I look so different?” etc, that’s why. It’s been a little bit longer than I first anticipated but maybe one of you will watch it and that’ll help motivate you to change your life. Alright guys Captain Matt, I’ll talk to you later.