Walking and talking and how it’s helped me.

Captain Matt back again with a little bit of-I don’t know what I’m calling these videos. I’ve learned a lot of these things with Wake Up Warrior but more about your mood and your mind and how you think, because changing up here [your mind] will change your entire life and everyone around you. When you’re doing things for yourself instead of trying to change someone else, when you work on changing yourself you’ll find even the people that are around you are different which really makes you reflect on how much of the things that you maybe have been perceiving weren’t even true. So anyways, I want to real quick talk about walk & talks, I do walk & talks with my business partner quite often, we were doing it before we even called them walk & talks. Basically you know we walk on the back train tracks, or walk over here. Basically we’re walking, you’re not on your phone, you’re not in front of the computer, you’re just walking and talking and it really lets you open up a little bit more especially being in nature, or just being outside with fresh air, plus your body’s moving so the blood’s flowing and it can really lead to some great conversations and insights into your business or your personal life. The same thing I do walk and talks with God as well mainly on nature trails and people see me they probably think I’m an absolute nut job, and that’s okay because that’s part of my time with The Creator walking around looking at all the natural beauty and just being able to talk to him, and it’s kind of like a free therapy session instead of going to talk to you know a counselor or a therapist. When you’re talking to nature and you’re out there walking there’s really some medicinal purposes to that really can change your heart and the way that you’re thinking and perceiving things. Anyways that’s another little thing about what I do for my routine.