But she’s getting some badass lighting at the new place!

We are going to miss Britt with PWR518, Power 2.0, HIIT it With Britt, whatever it is it’s kind of like Barefoot Lighting and The Christmas Guys, there’s so many different business names but they’re all the same thing. It’s an amazing gym check it out, and they are having the most badass lighting for any gyms or any inside of any business around hands down, check them out. Honestly we probably won’t miss the parking, we’ve been neighbors for about a year or two maybe, but pro tip maybe partner with a local driver’s ed teacher and do a discount for your members. Just kidding, but I will miss the music playing next door, I never had to play my own playlist, sometimes I would, but she’d always have that music blaring and it was literally side by side with my office and there’s this guy who says “high intensity”, and I would work harder every time I heard that, so I will miss that that’s true. Good luck at the new place, I hope you kill it, and check out the new place over at Slip 12, alright bye!