The difference lighting can make to your interior.

Captain Matt here with a little lighting tip to show you in the daytime the difference lighting can make. So a lot of times we talk about bringing the outdoors in so you have you know outdoor living inside. What’s also really important, and if you talk to your interior designer you know continuing your interior to the outside makes a huge difference. One of the biggest things here to consider is that say you have your sitting room, or your kitchen, or your living room and you’re sitting there when it’s nighttime especially in the winter time. Once we have more darkness than we do light when you look out the window it ends, it’s just a black window at that point there’s nothing beyond that because there’s no light. So adding strategic lighting out there to bring your eyes to something actually expands even your inside it makes your mind think that that room is even larger than it really is because your eyesight continues, it doesn’t just end at the window the wall of blackness. So as you can see behind me right now you can see trees and the sunshine and everything so it looks like there’s a lot of room behind me, right? Like right here looks like it keeps going on, well right here is the window but it just keeps going and going, and if we close the curtain now obviously that’s white but you could see how now you could tell i’m closer, right? It ends this space it doesn’t continue on so it shortens this space. So it is no different at night time, when you add lights outside your eye sight continues on and it makes it feel like your space is even larger. A little lighting tip with Captain Matt, I’ll talk to you guys soon.