Keeping a consistant image

Hey guys Captain Matt here, just want to talk to you a little bit about marketing, and I wanted to specifically talk about Tommy Bahama today. If you know me at all you know that I love Tommy Bahama, I love their shirts, I love their clothing. It’s what I mainly wear, winter time gets a little rough but I do my best. So what I love about them is they are just packaged correctly, from their emails, to their mailers I mean so much, so that I even print them out and use them to remind me of the inspiration. Usually there’s a big picture where you can see how the little saying always matches the logo color at the top of the email, “sailing to relaxation”, you got “make all the bright moves”, I mean there’s a whole stack of them here. I just absolutely love them and Tommy Bahama is clothing, what we do in lighting is the backyard resort type vibe where you open your door and it’s an instant vacation. So it’s really the same thing, the same sentiment, the same attitude. That is one of the reasons I love it, because it goes hand in hand with my passions and it just all aligns. 

Then even check out the mailers that I get in the mailbox now; how gorgeous is just even the envelope,  you know when you get this there’s gonna be a coupon, but it looks like they care about you. So you open it up, this one says “we are one under the sun” it’s got a couple people on there, and then inside is typically a coupon saying “oh, you’re a VIP” and all that jazz. I just wanted to give you that a little tidbit. Remember when you’re doing your marketing to make sure it falls in line with what you do. Tommy Bahama is selling vacation wear, so everything about them screams relaxation, sun, you’ve made it, just instant vacation type thing. With us with lighting it’s the same thing, you open your back door, you open your front door, boom you’re in a resort vibe because of our lighting. You’re a plumber, or a roofer, make sure that your marketing actually falls in line with what you’re offering, otherwise you’re going to confuse the people. That’s why, I’m sure you’ve seen my Christmas stuff, my Christmas stuff I’m more amped up for Christmas. Luckily everything I do here falls directly into my passions, which is lighting, Christmas lighting, landscape lighting, soffit lighting. So you’ll see I wear typically different outfits, because that way it sets the tone. Immediately before they even hear a word that I say they know that I’m going to be talking about Christmas. It always falls on the same thing so that your clients and your customers know what to expect from you. All right guys just a little quick marketing thing with Captain Matt, I’ll talk to you later.