Hey guys Captain Matt out here with the installation and decorating crew we are in Vermont today it’s a little chilly out here we’re doing some atlas lights around this pond, around this grill area, this little gorgeous patio with the marble.

We got Justin, Jay over there doing some digging and trenching you got Sean and mark behind me getting lights put in. Now with this client here has the space they use they have a hot tub here so they don’t want crazy bright lights so when doing a lighting design it’s not always about just blasting the space with light so we’re using these atlas lights over here which are. picture it as like under cabinet lights kind of. This a nice so we really don’t need a bunch of them they’re going to shine down off of this pond onto the rock create some really cool shadows that shine down down this marble and help light it up for a walking area same thing on the grill they have the same setup with the rocks and the marble on top this is a great way it’s going to illuminate the space softly. You’ll be able to still enjoy the stars enjoy the night out here without being blinded and everything so yeah when you’re doing design keep in mind it’s not always just about a bunch of lights or a little number of lights like this one’s going to be about 25 lights maybe a little bit more than that but even that many lights it’s not going to be crazy bright and overpowering so yeah captain matt with a little tip for lighting design and just to kind of show where we are today having some fun out in Vermont