Captain Matt here continuing my design help series. I went to a Facebook landscape lighting group and found this picture. Remember with different artists you’re going to get different suggestions, none of them are wrong, anything can look great! But, I have studied with some of the best designers out there and this is just how I would do it. Let me know what you guys think!


hey Captain Matt here so I want to do a little uh design help went to Facebook Landscape Lighting Group here um and again remember with different artists you’re gonna get different suggestions it’s not like Juan is wrong you know they can all look great but uh I’ve studied under some of the best here and this is just how I would do things so I’m gonna go ahead and roll into it you got this guy here asking um first time doing landscape lighting and he’s already saying he’s gonna use 22 spotlights 20 trees and two on the front left right of the house and some Pathway lights so right there he’s you’ve already boxed in a design not good right so start with the project and then figure out how many lights you’re going to need so um what’s interesting is there’s not enough pictures here to actually do a design but I will see you’re talking about 20 trees but then we look at your pictures and your pictures alone tell us what your ex you know what is the focal point right so yeah you got all these trees but your only other picture is this front of the house this centered part of the house so uh someone’s home is their Castle it shouldn’t be hidden right so we do need to to bring that to life a little bit now this one’s going to be tough right because if you put a an up light right here on the left and then right here in front of this brown the White’s going to reflect it the Brown’s going to absorb it so even if you’re at the same exact distance with the same wattage it’s going to look different so what I would recommend there is I would cut that piece out right now if you if you’re not used to and you’re not demoing it and then I would focus on these two gorgeous trees I’d make them centerpiece trees however we still want the home that the guide guests where you want them to go visually direct them to their destination so we need to make sure this porch area is the highest level of lighting to draw the eye into it however there’s not enough pictures up here but I can say for sure one thing is I would like this corner here in this corner here I’m going to bring some volume up on the house so it doesn’t just disappear with all the tall trees and then something’s going here but it’s so dark of a picture I can’t see but there’s you’re going to want to probably these look like they might be columns um so you’re gonna either upload or download those columns it’s too hard to tell but you’re going to do you’re gonna need some lighting on here and then I would uplight that to add to the volume and then these trees I mean I would use most of my my lights on these trees if you’re only going to use 22. so and with the house we want the house to remain a focal point but also draw attention to the trees at the same time I would backlight these two trees I would not do any lights in the front of these trees because then they’re gonna they’re gonna look more important than the home than the castle when people arrive and we don’t want that so I would backlight these trees probably looking at three on the base of this one probably three or four on the base of this one and then I also do up lights inside of this tree right these canopies are Mammoth let’s let’s brighten up this canopy do some up lights here I mean you’re probably looking at four to six up lights in each tree up on the actual branches right you’re still gonna backlight boom so what’s that all that backlight is going to almost silhouette this tree it’s gonna it’s gonna bounce down on that house so the ambient the the light’s going to come down on it you’re going to see the house you’d have a focal point right here because that’s where people would enter and the trees would look awesome I’d probably even consider some Moon Lighting but not knowing exactly what the plans are for this vegetation down here and then what is beyond over here and being your first job and you don’t want to do Moon Lighting but Moonlighting on these trees without Lighting in the canopy would be badass so anyways real quick if that’s if I only had 20 fixtures I’d start them all right here right here on this front porch area and then these two trees and then as the project progressed I can’t say which trees I would do here without seeing the entire property because again it needs to make sense yes you can put you can put lights on all the trees right I mean that’s a design but it’s not a thoughtful design and then I saw some of the comments about you know he has 20 trees you need 20 lights none of these trees are just a single light tree not a single one minimum of two on every tree and I would highly suggest backlighting when he comes to where you can see the home so that you allow the home to remain the castle all right thanks guys talk to you soon