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customed designed landscape lighting on a home that went with the staycation lighting pricing package

Landscape Lighting Pricing

Over the years we have come to find the biggest hurdle in planning a lighting design project is not knowing what to budget for your capital improvement project.

The good life landscape lighting package pircing example home
a backyard with landscape lighting pricing package the good life

Obviously there are many factors that go into pricing your landscape lighting. We understand that not everyone wants to start with a full blown FULL POTENTIAL lighting design, and that’s ok. Our lighting packages listed below are based on homes on average up to 4,000 sf, we will verify pricing and design before committing to the project.

Additionally, many of our clients are seeking something that not everyone can have, a custom one of a kind illumination portrait from a lighting designer. There is no way to create packages for a custom original design; however we list examples. 

Our Lighting Packages

A home with the mimosa landscape lighting package pricing

The Mimosa

$3,999 for “base tier”

The Mimosa Package is a great starter package on your journey towards your very own illumination portrait. This package typically uplights your home and illuminates your front entry path, OR uplight 4-5 average sized trees in your backyard.

smart color changing lights on the outside of a church

The Good Life

$7,499 for “base tier”

This package typically is enough to uplight your home, illuminate your front entry path, and 4 to 6 shrubs/bushes OR uplight 7-10 average sized trees in your backyard. 

a home with the landscape lighting package pricing of staycation from barefoot lighting

The Staycation

$12,499 for “base tier”

This package typically uplights your home, illuminates your front entry path, and 4 to 6 shrubs/bushes, some specialty lights on fireplaces or fences, added wow factors to trees with moonlights or additional up lights at higher levels on trees OR 5-6 average sized trees in your backyard with uplighting and moonlighting. 

the oasis custom landscape lighting design package pricing example home

The Oasis

Starting at $30,000 for “base tier”

The Oasis Package is your very own backyard resort and front of home lighting. This option is not truly a package because every single one is designed for the specific client and property and no two are alike.

Starting with The Oasis is not for everyone, think of it as a VIP package for serious individuals looking to enjoy the investments they have made on their property on their own time, whether the sun is up or not.

Generally speaking the Captains clients proceed in $30,000-$60,000 phases spaced anywhere from 4 months to a year apart, until their very own custom illumination portrait is completed. Once they experience what we do the portrait continues to grow with 3 to 4+ more similar phases.

A complete Captain Matt original design is only available at The Oasis level. We have other designers at Barefoot Lighting as well. Captain Matt is not able to work with all clients directly but you can request him when you contact us and if he is available and excited for the project you will have that opportunity.

Please note an in-person consultation with design with Captain Matt starts at $1,500 depending on the size and scope of your project.

Package Features

Every Single Barefoot Lighting package no matter the size of the investment on your capital improvement project you still get the same amazing service from Barefoot Lighting that all of our clients expect, including a night time walkthrough after the installation is complete.

All Inclusive

Includes all fixtures, virgin direct burial wire, Intelligent-PLUS Powermatic high efficiency low voltage power driver, copper crimps at every connection, mounting brackets and stakes, install labor, wifi controlled on/off, the service you deserve in the outdoor services industry.

Wifi Controlled

Your landscape lighting package includes wifi controlled "on and off" for each power driver. You can set timers, schedules, and turn them on and off with Alexa or Google Home.

Our Reputation

Heading into our 15th year we have established ourselves as the benchmark of service level across home services. We return calls, emails, and texts, and keep you updated throughout the process. We also give back to the community throughout the year.

Annual Maintanence

When our portrait is complete we don't simply say goodbye and hope you know how to care for your landscape lights. We have very affordable annual maintenance plans to keep your lighting project looking its best for decades to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does landscape lighting cost?

This entire page is dedicated to answering the question on how much to spend on landscape lighting for your home improvement project with a top landscape lighting company.

What is a Landscape Lighting demo?

In short a landscape lighting demo is where a lighting advisor comes to your home or business and sets up real lights in the same spots we would install permanent lights. This allows you to choose which package you are interested in and then seeing what it would look like in the end after the project is complete. Giving you piece of mind in your decision and enjoying a night watching your outdoor space be transformed.

Do you still offer free demos?

No. As we are only able to allow one client a night to experience one of our live demos, we now ask for a small deposit. Simply choose the package that feels right to you and request a demo. We will show you with real lights on your home how your outdoor living space can be transformed. The deposit is only $199 and 50% goes towards your final package pricing when you commit within 30 days after your demo night.

When will my lighting project be finished?

The average turnaround time from day of deposit to lights in the ground is 4-6 weeks. This timeline is different in the winter months when the ground is frozen, and can change based on other weather factors. We encourage you to ask your lighting advisor the current turnaround time during your consultation.

Can my lighting be installed in winter?

Due to how dark the winter is we totally understand needing your outdoor lighting as soon as possible. We do install lighting in the winter months! We call this an over the ground install and what this means is we install all lights that we are able to and the wires are ran over the ground. Once the ground thaws we simply return to bury all the wires and make any tweaks needed. This allows you to escape cabin fever this year!

a home with landscape lighting on it by barefoot lighting

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