Pathway Lighting Portfolio:

Barefoot Landscape Lighting knows the dangers of not having a pathway or walkway lit up properly at night. An unlit path leads to injuries, fear, and an overall bad experience for your guests that they certainly WILL NOT forget. A great get-together will quickly be overshadowed by your guests tripping on your stairs or walk walkway.

We do not do runway lighting so if you are looking for that please visit your local big box store or call a landscape company to put landscape lights on your property.

If you want the lighting you deserve then call us and we will be sure your path is well lit while lighting up your seasonal growth we are able to even hide path lights in pots, plants, and rocks.

Below are some portfolio pictures of some of our low voltage path lighting projects and designs.

solar path light replaced with a potted walkway light
hiding stake lights in a pot with vegetation
staked path lights lighting up flowers and the patio
path lights on your patio make it safe to walk
putting your path lights in a flower pot to blend it in to its surroundings
pathway light lighting up the path and a wagon wheel
a flower pot with flowers and a path light
stake lights on a pathway lighting the walking path to the door
a staked path light inside of a flower pot
a pathway marker lamp with a stamped top that is not a solar path light