Shadow Art Lighting Portfolio:

Barefoot Landscape Lighting gets to work with many very talented individuals in landscape lighting and design. Among them is Lyle Braund whose shadow art fixtures allow us to bring a unique experience for you and your guests. From path lights to deck lights using shadow art is a unique way to enhance your outdoor living areas.

Below are some pictures of shadow art fixtures with our low voltage landscape lighting systems.

pine tree cut out on landscape pathway lighting for the Adirondack mountains
using low voltage bollard lights to light up the parking lot at a town home parking lot
shadow art series low voltage lighting for decks
lights on a sidewalk using low voltage and shadows from a professional landscape light installer
Using low voltage landscape lights to create art with shadows
circle shadows on the pathway from a landscape light
a naturally aged pathway art piece for lighting
creating shadows on a deck with awesome deck lighting ideas
landscape lighting pathway fixture creating shadows as art
shadows from landscape lighting in the snow
a pathway landscape light that looks like wood
using low voltage lamps in landscaping to create cool effect
shadows created by low voltage landscape lighting
a thin pathway light on a walk way
a landscape lighting ficture with a cut out of a lotus leaf for cool shadow effects
low voltage landscape lighting creating awesome shadows on the beach sand
swirling metal pattern landscape lighting fixture creating shadows