Captain Matt shares a trick for landscape lighting.

Hey guys, Captain Matt here out in the desert compound. I wanted to show you something, this tree is lit up right but as you notice the lights are actually up here. There’s two lights on this tree, and so they’re up here which still provides the ambience lights up the canopy and instead of putting them down here. The reason we don’t want them down here is because when you’re walking by you get blinded by the lights and it’d be no good, right? You’d just be more upset that you’re always blinded and you never have them on, so just adding them up here still lights your canopy and gives you a really nice ambiance, and then the spillover light you can still see the trunk at night. That’s just a cool little trick you can do to still light up your trees without blinding you as you’re walking to the tables, and to the grill, and everything. Anyways, there’s a little lighting tip with Captain Matt, talk to you guys soon.