Captain Matt here talking about levels of lighting.

Captain Matt here with Barefoot Lighting. I wanted to talk to you a little bit about levels of lighting. When we talk about levels of lighting it goes from zero to three, zero being pitch black, one being a little bit brighter, two being brighter than number one, and three being the brightest of all. So, on any illumination portrait on your property there is more thought that has to go into that, right? If you have the same intensity the same level of light on your home, and then on your trees, in the little island in front, and then same thing on your entry pillars your eyes are not going to enjoy that as much as when you have different levels of lighting between the three so that your brain your mind actually divides up the property. It expands the property, it gives it depth, it gives it even growth and expansion. So that is what levels of lighting are when we talk about levels of lighting.