I’m really excited about this project.

WhenI get to design a little area like this, or design at all, I immediately want to take it to level 11, which for this outdoor kitchen/pool area could be 45-60 lights. But, I also have to be realistic, not everyone wants to go to level 11 right away. One of the things my mentor taught me is to give them a good starting point, they don’t always need to be at full potential. So I wanted to show you guys how I start on a project, giving a client their first lighting phase, it’s hard when I want to immediately bring them to their full potential.


hey guys captain matt here going to talk about uh little landscape lighting design just to kind of share with you some things i know it can be hard uh the design aspect and work on this uh pool cabana pavilion and you know when i see this i i get really excited because i know right away and to get this level 11 full all-in beautiful portrait right for just this little thing you know i’m probably talking 45 to 60 lights right to do it right to do it badass that 100 everyone’s gonna love but i also have to be realistic right and that’s one thing one of my mentors taught me is you know you can do a full potential but let them let them start somewhere they don’t always have to be at full potential so you know something like this i’m just going to use i guess i’ll use red right so like i look at something like this and obviously you have this big entryway right here right big entryway it’s going to be a focal point um but what you want to do is i want to add depth right i want to go back i want to go back so you look the yard looks even bigger and um but also you want to highlight the beauty of it so like you know the hard part for me can be to try to scale it back so what i like to do is just kind of design it right to begin with right we’re gonna need uh you know i’m gonna do the path like here path here probably in a badass urn let it go down um and then i’m gonna want to hit up i’m going to want to hit up these trees and stuff i’m gonna these are going to be cut back but have them come up here and then that’s going to actually spill over onto it there right um and i’m not going to do anything up on the uh what is it crow’s foot uh because i’m gonna i’d rather come in here and come and put it in a light here on every pillar so we take we take 16 right boom boom boom in between the these i don’t know what they’re called joists i don’t know doesn’t matter uh and i’d shine a light up just right up like that right up like that uh so i’ll probably you know pitch every other as like a phase one but to let them know that um you know doing everyone would definitely be the best option and that that would look the most badass and then you can see here we also have an uh awesome fire p play so i probably do i don’t do one of two things here i’d either do i’d core drill into right into here move these owls and let that shine up here my beautiful arrows and then this right here is a tv stand so i can’t really do any any down lights like i would like right here if this wasn’t i have a down light on both sides here but that’s not an option with a tv there so i’d probably do a second core drill here and here and then just come up come up and then again all this greenery here is going to be uplift it’s going to spill it’s going to be spilling over and then also here i always like to so they have a grill right there’s a grill right here and then they have food prep area all around that well this is a gorgeous little area but at nighttime you’re not gonna be able to see your meat when you’re trying to cook it or you’re trying to prep it so we’ll come in up here way up here on the on the roof right and we’ll be having down lights down lights you know probably probably four so one to hit here one to hit here here and here and then when this wire comes down either either right here i’d put a light switch or you know depending where they want it maybe even over here but i would have these four lights hooked up to this light switch so that they can turn it on when they’re cooking but also have it off when they’re just sitting around the fire where they don’t need the extra light hitting on those spots uh same thing with you know if they’re i might do some more up in here and then if they’re having a big get together you know picture a big poker table here or something like that and these can come down have you know quite a few of them make it bright so everyone can see their cards and everything and then also have that you know probably coming down in here to a light switch um oh no i’m not gonna back out of all that let me just see what else they have here and then oh there’s just another i mean look how nice that fire pit is so again some core drilling in the bottom and the other ledge there and then just look how beautiful this is so this is what i’m saying is i’d come in hopefully this makes sense i have a light like right in here right and it would be shining up here this would help the volume of the space and again i would go with every other as one option even though i want to do every single one right and this and on both sides so it’ll be coming this way whoops this way this way and what happens is then and this this crow’s foot right here right all these there’s three of them they become more silhouetted so that they’re dark but they actually stand out because they’re dark right because sometimes it’s about what you don’t like um just as much as what you do like so anyways um as you can see if i if i did this all in right we’re talking about 16 lights up here in the rafters you know 10 to 15 around the greenery you got a couple path lights right here maybe a couple more down there that you know right there is that’s like 40 up there 40 you know so you got 50 lights right off the rip so if i deliver this as a 50 light project it might not go through right away so i’m just gonna i’m gonna propose that hey this is a get started one and it’s i’m gonna phase it out into three or four phases so then get started for like four or five thousand and if they really wanted to be like the most badass pool cabana pavilion um in the area and they can do all the other phases anyway just kind of wanted to you know show you guys kind of how i do it how i start and then also just remind everybody what i learned that just because it’s a gorgeous portrait what you’re designing make sure you have phases that will all look good in and of themselves even if they can’t do the full portrait to begin with uh give them the option to at least get started anyways that’s it it’s captain matt with barefoot lighting i’ll talk to you guys later