Another walk through of a design on a pretty interesting property

Hey Captain Matt here, just wanted to walk you through another lighting design I did in Schenectady. I’ll try to make this one faster, so here’s a little gazebo that’s out in the front woods here, I just got some lights on all the pillars and surrounding the trees to make that a really cozy place to sit, you’d never sit there in the dark before the lighting because it was pitch black. Let’s see here, this is just another angle from the other side here as you can just see it kind of, we can encompass this entire gazebo swing area with lighting to make it so you can actually use it and enjoy it. This one I clipped in here so you see they have the solar light on top of the flagpole, and we also have three lights on the bottom so that the flag, no matter which direction it’s flying in,  is lit. I just wanted to show you what I talked about, I love our our path lights because, these are the path lights that are standard that you normally see like these ones or the home depot or the solar ones, and these are just so short that when you put them in line they just they always look like a runway, don’t you see how hot spotty it is it’s a big shadow under here, and then there’s boom brightness. It does obviously illuminate some of the shrubs and some of the flowers on the bottom but not nearly enough. Then this is a cool little garden area, I’m going to zoom in here, there’s a five foot area light that’s much larger than the one I just zoomed in on, and they said it’s just above all of those shrubs and that greenery so that it just splashes down on all of them and brings them all to life. This right here is one of the enchanters, that one’s just on a shepherd’s hook, and then they have a little seating area here with a little bench, and that just brightens it up. There’s an awesome bridge right there, I think I have a picture of the bridge right here, and just look at that. I mean I would walk down that bridge without fear, without being scared, and it just really brings that part that they use during the day to life at night as well. Then we got just a tree, a little up light near the pool there, and then this is the pool area. So what I did here is I just did some trees in the back to give the pool a backdrop, a wall back there to make it bright, instead of all just pitch black, now you have some green as you’re sitting there enjoying the pool. Then just some, for lack of a better term so everyone understands it, some under cabinet lighting basically on those brick walls, they’re called Atlas lights. That is it, so that’s just what I  wanted to share with you guys, okay bye.