Captain Matt with another importance of landscape lighting video!

Looking Out The Window is Scary – Captain Matt talks importance of landscape lighting

Now I know this to be true because I have it at my house, right? One of the sides of my house I have hardscape lighting and pathway lighting, so when i look out a window at night it’s not scary, I can see out there. So if I ever think I hear a noise or anything I can look out there and see. Now, it’s not “boom”, it’s not in your face, like the light that’s shining on me right now. It’s, you know it’s soft, it’s subtle, it’s nice, it’s the proper illumination for the area. If i look at the other side of my house that i haven’t done yet, it’s actually scary because you look out there and it’s literally just a wall of black. Someone could be standing right there and i wouldn’t know it, because there is no illumination on there. So that is another importance of landscape lighting, it’s really just the comfort from your house being able to look out and see that there is nothing there or that someone is walking towards your house.