Seeing my living breathing illumination portraits.

Captain Matt with Barefoot Lighting here, check it out, how exciting is this? These are four planter speakers, an amp, some lighting, the additional lighting wasn’t in stock. It’s all going to someone’s very own backyard oasis, they’re at their pool cabana that place is gonna be amazing. I just hope I get an invite to a party after it’s all lit and all sound system-ed up. So, for you guys who have businesses, like service businesses, do you ever do like a really cool project and get kind of sad that you don’t actually go get to experience it with them? Or go have a drink or have a cocktail and enjoy and see what you did, is that just me? I mean that’s one of the reasons I love doing the final walkthroughs so at least I get to see it and bring cocktails or whatever. Does that happen for you guys in like hardscaping, patio/outdoor kitchens, and pool builders, do you guys go back ever and really get to experience it? Or do you just kind of like get it done and go on to the next?