All new marquee letters for rent!

Hey Guys, Captain Matt here. I’m pretty pumped to show you that we’re back in business for our marquee letters and numbers. Right here’s a five and a two, these ones just came back in, they were actually 25, they were out for a 25th surprise birthday party. As you can tell these are awesome, I got the warm white c9 lights in, they really stand out, really pops well. It’s a statement piece for a party, a graduation, holiday event, out in the front yard, whatever the case may be. Right now these are only $99 a letter to rent. It’s like a no-brainer, right? To add to your party, anniversary, or whatever. LOVE, 25, HOPE, PEACE, your initials, WILL YOU, or I DO, whatever the case. Anyways give us a call 518-712-9627.