Maverick Mike:

Maverick Mike is known for having his own style when it comes to luxury landscape lighting. He loves visiting resorts to look at their lighting and offer resort landscape lighting design.

Known for blazing his own trail in every industry he has taken on Maverick Mike’s passion for lighting always shines through.

looking at dock lighting techniques Maverick Mike grabs a selfie
Maverick Mike on his sailboat watching his crew and dock lights
Maverick Mike with his girlfriend looking at resort landscape lights

Maverick Mike… some paragraphs here

Barefoot Landscape Lighting is a business owned by Elfperts Inc. Elfperts Inc hosts a family of decorating and lighting companies including Barefoot Lighting, The Christmas Guys (Holiday Decorating), Light Your World (Wedding and event decorating), (custom made motifs, and more), and a partner in VisiDream LLC (our oversized commercial decorations supply company.)

Maverick Mike serves as the vice-president of Elfperts Inc.