I love the new design!

Captain Matt here, just got the new Barefoot Lighting hats. We got the blue and we got the pink with blue lettering because it looked better with the pink mesh. These are trucker caps, snapbacks, whatever the hell they’re called these days. I love them more than the old hat, the old hat has the logo, it’s still nice and everything, but as you can see I think it looks a little bit more intense with just the lettering without the logo, when they embroid it kind of loses a little bit of its pizzazz, it’s just like this one. Ryan Lee gave me this and I loved it so much so I made my own, so thanks Ryan for the help with lighting and your help with hats. So anyways, I think they’re pretty cool, what do you guys think? Are they better than the old ones? Or do you like the old ones better? Let me know in the comments.