How is our hallway coming along?

Hey guys Captain Matt here, this is the entry to the office here. We’re trying to pretty it up, you know? We do everything else pretty but our hallway is not pretty. Anyway, here’s a framed magazine that we’re featured in, and then we got some canvas prints. We have about five of these, just jobs we think are really awesome between lighting design and installation. This is one of my favorite pictures, for this one I have the “Test lighting design, Valley Center, California” plaque. I do like the way that looks so I’ll be getting them made for the other ones, but I just think this is cool. I want to see what you guys think? Also if you want your house added here, let’s do an awesome design and or installation at your house. So anyways, what do you guys think about the canvas prints? I think they add a nice little touch to the hallway.