Add audio to your lighting project.

Hey guys Captain Matt here, just wanted to talk to you about the outdoor audio, a lot of people have been asking us about it since we put it on the website. This is the Ambisonic L240, that’s the cover, this is the world’s first outdoor amp. It is wireless in the sense that it has bluetooth and wifi, it’s hard wired into an outlet with 120, I have this bridged with my Alexa device so I can just tell her to play music and she’ll play out of this amp. We hardwire it, this is the same type of virgin wire we use for landscape lighting. It’s just different colors black and brown instead of pink and brown. That’s so that you have much better clarity, because you don’t want your speakers to be wireless so they’re all hard wired to the amp and the amp becomes wireless, so you can just play like you normally would in any other part of your house, but now you can play to your outdoor speakers. That’s it for today, see you guys soon.