They lied to use about water and electricity according to my very scientific experiment.

Okay, Captain Matt here again playing with more electricity and water. Now these are unsealed mini lights, I would imagine nothing’s going to happen when I put them in the water. – Alright now this is standard 110 – Nothing’s happening, I’m gonna pull a light off to see if we can get anything to happen, again these ones are unsealed. Now this line of lights is out – but look at that the water actually made the connection for me! How cool is that actually? So now they’re so dim but I can put them in the water and they get bright again, boom! Anyway, so the lights are not tripping, and what happens if we just put the female end of the strand in the water? – Nothing. So when we get lights that trip in the field during the Christmas season, I’m trying to recreate that here in the office, but I got this female dunking in the water and it’s not tripping.