Grab a bite, a beer, and see the lights dance!

Captain Matt out at Ralph’s Italian Tavern you know it right on Central Ave checking out the Gemstones at night. Here’s the nice warm white, that’s what we’ve been seeing every night. Good thing we’re here, we’re gonna go through some colors here little toffee sparkle, obviously my favorite look at that. It’s hard to tell in the video how nice it looks but man it looks great in person. There’s a bunch of ambient light right over here and it still looks great. Alright here’s something else to switch it up got a little Minnie Mouse, a little pink and white. What else we’ve got? There we got some rainbow action, we got classic christmas, and the pride, we’ve got USA hooray. Look at that glow on the side and how gorgeous that looks, tell me you don’t notice that driving by on Central Ave. Then we got double red double white, how cool is that? They got Gemstones on the front and both sides so their guests can really see when they’re coming out at night, or going to their cars. Come check out Ralph’s Tavern, grab some food and see the lights.