Up lighting or down lighting? Which is right for your home?

Captain Matt here, Barefoot Lighting, Elfperts Inc. People ask “Hey, should we get uplighting on our home, or down lighting on our home?” and the answer typically is both. That is because with, let’s just say our upstate New York’s typical two-story home, up lighting is going to make it look great and everything, but it’s when it gets up to the second story it’s going to be less bright at that point a little bit too dim and dull depending on the side of your house and ledges and all that, typically you need a little extra light there. So, then we can come down with some softer lights, so it’s not the same brightness that comes up from the ground, just a softer 60 degree beam that’ll be less bright but help brighten up the entire home, that is the curb appeal, that is your house, that is your castle. So, that’s why a lot of times I’ll recommend the soffit lighting, or Gemstone lights because the benefit of them is they are down lights they’re one watt bulbs on their brightest setting they create a down light effect for the top tier two-story home, while the up lights grab that character of the home from down and create the shadows, and the depth, and the volume. The other benefit of the Gemstones is if you do decorate for Christmas or anything like that then your roof line is already done, so instead of only having us install architectural lighting in keeping the lines of the home honest, you can have the entire track system. We can set it up where this the lights that we want on during the year, the architectural setting is only on during the whole year, unless you want to change it if you’re having a barbecue, or it’s Christmas time and you’re ready to decorate, or valentine’s day, or a birthday party, doesn’t matter. So that is why a lot of times I’ll recommend the Gemstones and some people are like “wow, I never do color on my house” and all that, totally fine. However it’s nice to have the option just in case, and that is why when people ask me if they should get up lights or down lights I tell them both. It’s not to sell them more lights, it’s because that will give you the proper portrait of your home at nighttime and allow your home to really stand out and to just jump out of the landscaping. Captain Matt, I’ll talk to you soon.