Landscape Lighting Secrets awards.

Hey guys, Captain Matt here. I just got back from the awards ceremony and it’s pretty cool, so I won some achievement stuff from Landscape Lighting Secrets and the Lighting Mastermind. I’m pretty proud because I started this back in 2009 as Christmas only, who would have thought it would turn into what it’s turned into. I got this here, it’s The Earned 1 Million With Landscape Lighting Secrets Award, and then we got an awesome plaque, it’s been amazing. So, I’ve talked about it before, I’ll say it again, coaches and mentors if you’re an entrepreneur be willing to pay for them and listen to them. When you pay for somebody you’re so much more apt to listen to what they say and do what they say. It’s been an amazing few days here in Utah and I’m super excited for the future, and thanks again guys for watching talk to you soon.