Captain Matt shows some of the colors we have for color matching.

Hey guys, Captain Matt here, just wanted to show you something with our permanent soffit lighting, the Gemstones. When we talk about color matching to your soffits I wanted to show you some of these cool things, these are tracks that we still have right here, look at this: we got, I hope you can tell, it’s like a wood grain, you got the blacks, different type of wood grain, different tracks this one is kind of like a “U” or like a “U-ish”, and these ones are a little tiny ones for hiding the wires, grays, white obviously, the creams,, light brown, dark brown, tons of white because we use that the most, different type of wood grain here, another browns, some silvers and grays, a red. So when we say color matched to your soffits, these are just some of them we have in stock because we these are the most common ones so we keep some on hand, that’s just some of them. Walk over here to the other one, boom there’s a bunch of garland and wreath behind me, but here’s more whites and everything. So anyways just wanted to share that with you guys, color match to your soffits.