Hey guys, Captain Matt here out in Vermont on a landscape lighting job.

So much work but I don’t have any lights yet? Why?!

 We were trenching and running wire all day yesterday, we’ve got a cool little machine we’re trying out. We’re running wire again today, we’ll be running wires some of the day tomorrow. So I just want to talk about that as a client when you see the guys out there, I understand how frustrating it must be that you see us there all day two days in a row you’re not seeing any lights on yet. So, the most time consuming part of any landscape lighting job is the trenching is the running the wires, because when we get here we already have the design and the plan but then tree roots and rocks that can really get in the way and and delay it. Plus, the most physical labor is the trenching of all the wires, right? I mean we’re trenching all the way down to there, all the way back up to there. A lot of, hundreds probably thousands of feet of wire at this point, because we are running multiple lines. So anyways, just wanted to check in with you guys and give you a little taste of when you’re waiting on your project, when you see us out there but you don’t see any lights yet, this is what’s going on. We’ve got to get basically the the skeleton of it right, we gotta get all the blood to flow before we actually worry about where any of the lights are. So, before any lights get out we have to get all the wires ran and that’s it. I’ll talk to you guys later!