I wanted to talk about the phrase “some will, some won’t, so what? Move on.” I didn’t come up with it, it’s a sales saying, but it’s something I say quite often. Basically, when you pitch a job there’s only so much we can do to sell a project, and when a potential client says “no” it can be really deflating. I tell my sales team this so they don’t get in their head about someone saying no after they put so much effort into a project or proposal.


Captain Matt Barefoot lighting the Christmas guys a couple people ask me about the some will some won’t so what move on uh I don’t know who who came up with that it’s not me it’s some sales guy for sure 100 um and basically what’s saying is you know when you pitch a job because you know part of our job is we have to to let the clients know what’s going to look good what’s put it all together with to give them pricing everything like that and we get so excited and so many of the guys have seen come and go throughout the years they get so excited and they get they get honed in on the fact that this guy loved the demo this guy loved me the proposal you know knows my kids whatever and when when that person says no it like deflates them and then they end up going like two weeks barely even talking to anybody because that one person said no so you know I say it often some will some won’t so what move on and that’s not to say like we’re not appreciative of all the people that do and everything it’s just the fact that you can’t get in your head it’s a mind shift it’s a it’s a mind change it’s a shift a thought process that you have to realize that not every single person is going to say yes and it does suck because we put a lot of time into design s and driving out to meet with them you know trying to be upfront about ballparks and what our averages are and things like that so I know that you know it’s happened to me it used to happen to me all the time in the past I get so pumped up and then when it didn’t happen I get so deflated so mind shift mind change some will some won’t so what move on