Captain Matt here again Barefoot Lighting, I’m going to talk to you a little bit about landscape lighting.

So what’s the difference between an illumination artist and a lighting contractor? The name alone kind of says it right? But, a lighting contractor is like, you know, bidding jobs. You think of them as as not really focusing on lighting it’s typically a landscaper, a hardscaper, or power washer. Whatever the case may be but lighting is not their core, lighting is not their strength, and lighting is not their focus. illumination artists we actually study the science of lighting, we fly out to California, we go to other places in the country to meet with other illumination artists to study what they’re doing see how they’re doing, and see how light plays on different objects, different trees, different heights, and different wattages. There’s so much to it, so much more than just going to a big box store, just going online, and just putting one light on one tree as a lighting contractor. That is not who we are, and that means we’re not for everybody, and I am okay with that. We don’t have time to light everybody anyway, so our clients understand the importance of hiring someone like myself and my company who puts so much thought, effort, time, and money into learning the techniques. So yes when we get there it might be faster than you would imagine for us to do a demo, or for us to do the install, but that’s because we’ve already invested so much time, money, and training into learning how to do it correctly. So there are lighting contractors, they are for some people, there’s nothing wrong with using them, but when you’re ready for the level of lighting that you deserve, when you’ve worked your life and you are ready to enjoy your space and your property then you’ll call me.