How I focus on happiness.

Captain Matt talking about Wake Up Warrior it’s a part of my routines and how I do operate my business. Another stack is called the happy stack, very similar to a gratitude stack or an irritated stack but on the happier end, a happy stack really makes you focus on some good things. Do you ever wake up in the morning and you just feel alive or great and happy? Maybe you’ve got a new plant,  little things like that excite you, or you got a new shirt in the mail, or something’s getting delivered today and you’re just happy. Maybe it’s not a gratitude towards something, maybe it’s just happiness. Well we way too often don’t focus on that and we only focus on the bad things, and the anger. Well the happy stack allows you to kind of get out of your system, and learn a life lesson from it on how to focus on that happiness, and use it you know to live your your day better with a smile all around. Anyways Captain Matt, I’m out.